Dog accidentally ingested Flubenvet


6 Years
Sep 23, 2013
My dog (an adult long-haired retriever) has just ingested about 1.5kg of growers pellets with Flubenvet added (just under 2g). Is there any risk to him?
ALWAYS keep Hydrogen Peroxide around for inducing vomiting for dogs. Hold head upwardly and squirt in mouth, wait 3-5min, if no vomiting, do it again, repeat... For a large dog of 75 lbs I use about 1/2 cup each time until they vomit. If they just ate food, it will take more as it gets absorbed.
Ingesting tampons, wash rag/towel, toys, or even if you suspect they ate meds, this is safe and effective. Knowing this trick will save you 100's of dollars in emergency vet calls and may even save your dog's life. I've probably had to do this 10 times over the course of 20 years of dog ownership and it worked every time. Just had a friend's doberman die from ingesting a wash rag and they did not induce vomit. The threads from the cloth tangled in her intestines and even with surgery to try to remove, she died of infection. If your dog ate something sharp such as tooth pics or bones, you'll need to go to the Vet and remove manually.

It does not seem to appear what your dog ate this time will kill him but next time something similar like this happens you'll know what to do.

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