Dog attack, 1 duck dead 1 with injuries need advice.


5 Years
Jul 14, 2014
Central British Columbia
One of my dogs yes my dogs killed one drake and attacked another. The duck escaped by wedging himself in between a pen and a retaining wall. A space of only 6 inches maybe, I had to cut the wire to remove the duck. Now despite total lack of obviousness injury one leg is not working. All joints, tendons and bones appear fine. Also his bill is banged up. I will be bring him in to see if he can swim in the rub. Any thought on what to look for as to the leg, and is there anything I need to do for his bill?
Keep him calm and quiet and give him a chance to recover - then evaluate his ability to use the leg. The bill doesn't look bad at all - and should recover on it's own.
He isn't using the injured leg to swim it just drags behind him. But he can bare weight on it if I help him stand. There is a tiny wound on the affected leg, but not a bite, more like the feather where pulled out as he squeezed into his hiding spot. Any ideas? Should I wait to see if he recovers or butcher him? :(
Thank you, he did stand on his own earlier. Better put the axe away I guess ( I use humour when upset all be it dark humour).
He's is quiet and safe, water and food close by. I'm keeping him with the others right now seeing as they really seem to need each other's company to stay calm.
Much better than dragging it. I'm wondering if it's a bad strain from cramming himself into such a small space. He crawled 5 feet in a six inch wide space, poor bird. Tomorrow I hope to see him walk a bit if he managed to stand up tonight. Fingers crossed.
He's probably bruised his leg up pretty bad. It doesn't sound though that culling will be necessary. I think all he needs is rest, but perhaps someone here can recommend something for any pain and swelling he may have.

So terribly sorry about what happened. May your other duckie rest in peace.

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