Dog attack - 2-3 yr old RIR hen - Beak broken in corner

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    Oct 12, 2016
    Chicago, IL
    A guest of mine lost control of his dog and it attacked one of our birds. It was heart wrenching. We separated them, the bird is alive but in shock. Her beak is cracked near the corner and a small part of it sticking up--my husband gently pushed it back into place. There is a puncture wound near the beak, and her eye on the opposite side is swollen with the corner puffy. She doesn't seem to be bleeding elsewhere.

    The yellow stuff is a blood stopping powder, which worked well.

    She's now separated from the rest of the flock, we put her in the brooder we made when we had chicks earlier this year and moved her inside the house. She's not making any vocalizations, eating or drinking--but it's also only been a half hour or so since the attack at time of posting. She did flap her wings when I last picked her up to take the photo, so I guess those work OK.

    She is moving her beak funny, opening it but not closing completely. Her nostril is damaged, and sometimes she's making a gurgly sound from it. I'm worried about that, and her beak being damaged most of all. What to do? What can I try to feed her in a while when she gets back from shock?

    Also, do I need to clean the blood stopping powder out of the wound? What is the best way to clean a bird's wounds like this? Bactine, soap and water? She isn't enjoying being handled right now so I don't want to stress her more than I need to. This is my first time dealing with an attack and injury like this so I'm a bit frazzled.

    Thanks for any and all advice.
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    Dec 19, 2016
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    Well use iodine on the wound and then I would do this for the shock etc to her system
    chickens do get some upset in the gut with E.coli and then it goes to a nervous disorder

    natural probiotic wet mash with Vit E and Vit B complex and selenium added immediately

    basically the chicken has some nerve damage from the E.coli do this immediately

    need neurolodigal vit E and Vit B complex and Selenium for E.coli and the nervous disorder Also the apple cider vineager in water

    (1) 2 tbsp acv per gallon of water till chickens are well and then 2 times a week for life

    for one chicken use 1 tbsp of ACV
    ACV is unpasteurized apple cider vinegar
    usually Braggs or Heinz which can be gotten at Walmart
    she needs this now in her water.


    until the chicken is off medication

    (2 immediately give the chicken 1000 mg capsule of liquid Vit E by cutting the end of the capsule and taking the vit E liquid and mix in wet mash probiotic

    (2-B) total amt of capsules equals the total amt of chickens fed vit's multiply amt of recipe times amt of chickens fed it and the amt of vit's times amt of chickens given them

    (3 also need to crush a vit B complex pill in tabsp and add tsp of water to it

    put it in the chickens wet mash after it is dissolved.

    D the same with the Selenium tablet and add to wet mash

    (3-C) then give this to the chicken twice a week for two weeks should see much improvement

    after the chicken has eaten the wet mash probiotic clean wet feeder and restock dry crumble feed.

    (4 Do three Vit's twice today then for 7 days till you see some improvement in the chicken

    (5 today I would see if the chicken will eat a wet mash with the Vitamins E and B complex and Selenium


    natural probiotic wet mash

    2 tbp of dry crumbles

    1 tbsp flax seed meal (the kind people take)

    3 tbp of milk sweet, sour or buttermilk

    1 tbsp of non flavored yogurt

    2 tbsp of apple sauce

    put it on top so the chicken can smell and see it

    mix good and put the

    vit E liquid as directed in the wet mash

    and crumble the Vit B complex tablet in a tabsp and add to the wet mash

    do same with Selenium tablet and add to wet mash.


    (6 Do this twice a day for 7 days to see if the chicken is better

    then do this once a day for another week then once a week for a while

    this should give the nervous system some stability and cure the bad E.coli in the gut

    (6-A) they should clean it up in 20-30 minutes

    this will help them get good gut flora

    also put 2 tbsp of ACV in gallon of water and keep giving them this water for a week straight

    then give it 3-5 times a week for life

    Glenda Heywood Cassville Missouri
  3. Glenda Heywoodo

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    Dec 19, 2016
    Cassville Missouri
    as for the cracked beak
    it will heal but takes a long time.
    do not use peroxide on the wound
    use only clean warm water by using as small amount of a wet paper towel and do not mess up the reconstructed beak
    then when the wet towel is used
    put iodine directly on the beak several times a day till healed.
    Keep blood and mess off chickens beak as the iodine will do
    because some flys can come and lay maggot eggs in the wound.
    the iodine is the answer to this problem.
    Keep itput on s many times a day as you can
    Keep her isolated as you have
    so the other chickens do not peck at her cracked beak.
  4. Glenda Heywoodo

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    Dec 19, 2016
    Cassville Missouri
    put the super glue on the beak break.
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    Oct 12, 2016
    Chicago, IL
    Thank you so much Glenda. I'm going to take your advice about everything, I'll hold off on the acv because we are getting her antibiotics.

    She's drinking water but not eating, I'll try your suggestion for food after gluing the beak and hope for the best. Her poor face is so swollen her eyes can't open all the way, and her beak is still hanging open a bit. She's being super cuddly wanting to be near me, usually she's a bit stand offish so I know she's freaked out. My heart is breaking for her!!

    Thanks again I'll do all I can for her.

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