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    I have 6 boys I call the teenagers. Weeble, Wobble, Jagger, Judas, Ted, and Jim Tom. Weird names, lol, I know. Friday I was woken by my neighbor saying she had one of my roos on her front porch, and she sent me a pic and i saw it was Weeble. Just as i was leaving the house I got another call that another neighbor had seen another chicken in yet another neighbors yard. By this time I was getting confused because they don't wander. I walked over to get Weeble and found Ted in a snow drift. He was totally out of it. I carried them back to the house and my mom had just come outside and she panicked when she saw them becuase it was obvious something wasn't right. When i handed them to her because they were freezing cold and she was going to take them in while i searched for the rest, I noticed that feathers were just falling off of these boys. That was when i noticed that there were feathers all over the yard and i panicked. I went on the hunt, tracking the dog thru the snow and finding enough feathers to make another chicken! Tracked it to a neighbors house, right up to his dog and he flat out lied that his dog hadn't been loose, yeah, some neighbor huh?
    I fnally located Jagger in a tree, and Jim Tom in a pen for our larger roosters. At this point Wobble and Judas are still missing.
    I better give you a little insight on Wobble. When he hatched he had something severely wrong with his leg and i had to almost bind his legs to get his hip to correct. But, alas i managed to help him to the point where he can walk but he waddles like a duck.
    so of course he's my baby out of the bunch. I was in tears because i knew if he was taken too far he couldn't get home by himself. Bless the neighbor's little girls' hearts, they found Wobble and brought him home.Judas is still missing, and it greatly upsets me, but I realized i should just be thankful that 5 out of 6 returned home, the odds aren't very great that would happen.
    Two are missing feathers but their skin is okay but Wobble has a huge patch of feathers missing on his back and another on his chest. He pants even when it's not warm in the house which worries me that he may be getting an infection. There are slight bite marks on him and one nearly punctured his crop.
    i've done my best to keep it clean, and keep him in the house so the others don't pick on him. But his skin is almost mottled looking and hot to the touch where he is bald. What more do i do? Also two of the others ended up with frost bite on their combs because they were apparently taken very early in the morning. How do i treat frost bite? I cleaned them and then slathered them in vasoline so it wouldn't get worse.
    One last thing, just to cover my butt, no I do not just let my chickens run loose all night long, these boys stay under the back steps most of the time and i still cant figure out how the dog got under there because there wasn't room for him to fit, he must have reached in with a paw and pulled them out and the others ran out.

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    Sorry for all you have been through. For the frostbite, I don't think there is a treatment. It will probably fall off in a few days. Keep putting vaseline on it because its probably really sore and irritated. I hope wobble makes a full recovery.

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