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Right when I though my dog would be ok, I turned my back and he got one of my Buff Orps and pulled all of her feathers out of her back and neck!!!! There are several open wounds!! What can I do for her??? Right now I have her in a dog crate with cool paper towels on her!!! It looks SO painful!!!! She is breathing and opens her eyes to look at me, I can not imagine what she is feeling right now!! Is there anything I can do right now for pain???? If I could just ease the pain, then I can work on her and get her cleaned up..

She keeps her head down and can stand only briefly.

In the center of her back is one of the wounds
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Can she hold her head up at all? If there is damage to her neck - I would think that would be really very serious.

Did you clean it all out well? Use some neosporin on the wounds, till someone else can give you better idea's.

Do any wounds need to be stitched closed?
I am so sorry I have had this happen to me. You can give her asprine just plane old asprine in the water. I am going to look it up it is either 2 or 4 to a gallon of water. You are going to have to clean it good and put nesoporine on it, it also look bad. I have read about some people sew them up. Sorry I will look some stuff up for you.
I'm so sorry this happened to your girl. She needs aspirin for pain. 5 crushed 325mg aspirin (bufferin) in 1 gallon of water. That should help for now. Maybe once you have the pain under control, you can see how bad the damage is.

Edited to add - she may be in shock. Try to keep her quiet right now and just encourage drinking the "aspirin water", even if you have to dribble it on her beak to get her to take some. Don't worry about food, but leave it as an option in case she starts moving around a bit.

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The sad reality is that taking her to the vet is going to be a very costly trip. From the pictures it appears that her wounds are quite severe, I think were it me, I would put her down and not prolong her suffering. I am very sorry that this happened .

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Ok I did some reading it is 5 325 mg aspirin to a gallon of water. Her wounds do look bad it looks like they could us some stiches, or she should be put down it is a very hard call. When this happened to me we did have to put her down. You can try to save her. Clean it good, she will need antibotics. Also a warm dark place to heal, I am sure she is in shock. I alway give it a try if I don't think they are suffering. Sorry wish I could help more.:aww
I haven't cleaned it other than the wet paper towel to cool it. She can hold her head up, but moving it causes pain. I am going up to the feed store now to see what I can get....I am so upset and feel like such a bad mom

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