Dog attack! Help!


14 Years
Feb 5, 2009
San Francisco East Bay CA
Ugh! My dogs got into the den with the month old chicks in a dog crate brooder. In a flurry before my kids could stop him he got them flying around and killed two but tore the wing off one! It is still Live! What do I do!!???
It seems to be ok the bleeding stopped, it's eating and drinking now. And I just saw it poop normal poop. There were nine, now 7, and we put the other six in the little baby brooder again, and this one is alone.
I don't know what to do!
I don't want to stress him out.
Is he/she is eating and drinking just let him be for right now. Aslong as there is no bleeding I would just wait and see. The little one is probably in shock right now. Maybe put a stuffs animal is there and or a mirror so he/she has a buddy.

Goodluck and keep us posted

Ok. I gave him a box to hide in but he doesn't like it. I'll get a stuffed animal. He has old blood on his butt but he pooped normal so I dunno if that was one time thing.
Should I put neosporin on it? Vetericin?
If it was my bird I would cull it and put it out of it's misery. Chickens naturally go into a type of shock and don't exhibit the pain you would expect them to. It doesn't like the box because it wants to be with the others.

If you read other dog threads you will find this happens often with dogs and chickens.
This happens more often than it should. Not to make you or anyone else feel bad...but chickens and dogs in the same space is ALWAYS a bad idea. The good news is many chickens go on to live quite happily with just one wing. I have a few stubbies as I call them around here myself. Keep in mind that many duck folks pin their ducks wings (granted they arent ripping them from the socket, but still....) A little neosporyin and leave it be and let it scab over as soon as possible. If it eats and drinks just give it a place to rest and heal and all should be well. Younger chickens are quite reseilent to what we would consider substantial injuries. There is a plus side to having a pea sized brain!
Good Luck.
Ya the dogs plus chicken thing has always been an issue here, and my daughter feels really bad. She was doing homework and the big dog snuck in. He's the only one tall enough and he has high prey drive. Which is why the brooder is not in the garage where the dogs can get to them.

The little fella seems fine. He did go in the box I made and slept in there. The area is scabbing. He is eating and drinking and pooping. I think it's a roo but that's ok. We are replacing our roo and it won't matter if he's stubby. Thanks guys! I freaked so bad last night. I appreciate it. Now to devise some hardware cloth to line the dog crate so They can't get wing or heads out any more!
Ive had a dog experience here. omg. it was like national geographic over here! awful. a visiting dog jumped outta their car and ran into the run area.
One hen really got it when the dog pulled out all the tail feathers and butt feathers!
That night and the next day she was motionless. then i fed her by hand and she a te one or two bites. by the weeks end, she was up and eating more normal! amazing.
now after a month the feathers are growing back!! yea!
so full recovery is possible!
good luck!
oh yeah, re check the area so the dog cant get in again. they have such a strong instinct to catch birds that its crazy. some dogs tho, do learn to co-habitate w hens. i saw it on dog whisperer too! lol
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Amazingly the little fella is still alive, and seems to be doing ok!
I have not done much for him, just keeping it quiet where he is, and he has a box to sleep in, which he seems to enjoy.
here is the missing wing area... not a great pic but you can't see a lot...


I guess I'll just let him grow, how long before he can go back with the others? fully healed? I don't want them to peck it...
I am replacing my BCM roo, so, if this is a roo (I think it is) at least he has a job... :)
I feel better about that...
unfortunately, three of the other BCMs I had hatched didn't make it thru the attack...
not at all sure why the BCMs got attacked, or caught thru the bars, but NONE of the mixed chicks were even fluffed...
but this little guy seems strong so far, and wants to live.

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