Dog attack, Help!


7 Years
Nov 9, 2012
Hi my silky hen was just attacked by a bullmastiff, luckily she's not as bad as I first thought.
She has a deep cut to her tail, & a few minor punctures, but I think she may have lost her eye as there is blood there and when u open it all u can see is blood.... help how can i save her????.... and is it cruel to try??? I don't want her to suffer :(
Thanks thats great info...

Just worried about internal injuries as both her eyes are inflamed and she doesn't open them at all. She stands up if i try to pick her up, but can't see and has weeping coming from her eyes :( I'm worried she has head injuries??? I gave her some water in a eye dropper earlier however she's not interested in anything to drink. While she was resting today I noticed that it sounded as if she was sort of gurgling-snoring...... could this be internal damage???

I was going to wait to see how she goes overnight and make a decision about letting her go in the morning :(

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