Dog attack - need first aid help!!


11 Years
Mar 10, 2008
My 4 year old buff orpington was attacked by the neighbor's puppy today. She is missing all her butt and tail feathers and has cuts and blood in that area. What can I do for first aid?? She is eating, drinking and running around in the yard with the rest of the 10-bird flock and seems OK otherwise. Do I have to worry about the other chickens pecking her? She is the biggest and most dominant one out of the flock. Please let me know what I should do. Thank You!
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You need to clean the wounds as best as you can. A mixture of 50% perioxide and 50% water or a mild soap and water. Then put on some neosporine. The others may not be bothering her when free ranging but, I would watch them close. Do you put them in a coop at night? I would worry about locking her in with the others. If you have someplace you can separate her it would be best as they may pick at her. You can let her back out free range with them if they don't bother her.

Good luck!
I put them in a coop at night. I also have a completely fenced in chicken run off of the back of the coop that I could segregate her with. Would that cause her distress though to be separated all day without the rest? Or is free-ranging all day OK? Thank you for your first aid advice.
If they don't bother her when out free ranging you can let her out with them. Just keep an eye out to make sure they are not picking on her. Otherwise if they do put her in that run. If they get pecking at her they can/will kill her.
I would let her free range in the day and in the evenings put her in a dog crate or cage inside the coop. That way she could see and hear the others and not be picked at. When the others start picking and harassing, the damage can be quick and severe.
I second that - I've seen a roo nearly killed in about 10 minutes by two hens.

Dog cage overnight sounds like a really good idea and then let her out as you let the others out - if they are alright when ranging I can't see you having a problem with this method.
If the wounds are not deep, topical neosporin may do the job but if they are more extensive you likely will need to quickly start her on oral antibiotic. Others can better indicate which one to use and where to obtain.

She will probably be having some pain. For this, assuming she's not bleeding extensively, the usual remedy given on BYC is 5 regular (325 mg) aspirin (NO SUBSTITUTES) crushed per gallon of water. Likewise, 2 1/2 aspirin per half gallon.

Extra protein is said to help grow feathers back more quickly.

I would keep her warm and comfy at night at least for a few days to a week till it's clear she's strong and healing.

I hope she'll be alright.
Chicken seems OK today. She's been drinking water and eating food and vegetable scraps. I cleaned the wounds yesterday with the water/hydrogen peroxide combination like you said and put antibiotic cream on them. How long does it generally take for the wounds to scab over? The cut on her comb seems to be scabbing over already but the ones on her butt (which are more severe) are not. How long does it take for feathers to grow back? Her butt is completely bald. Thanks everybody for your help!

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