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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by abbaschickens, Jan 20, 2013.

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    Hello Fellow BackYard Chickeners,

    I need some help. My neighbor has peafowl. One of her dogs attacked a peahen. I am entering this situation 12 hours later. This morning she came over and asked me to look at her hen. She (N neighbor) said the chest was ripped open and N sewed it shut. N is a CNA and I think N used regular thread. In addition to the tear, the hen has at least 50% of its feather coverage gone. The N said she coated the hen with peroxide and triple antibiotic. This morning the hen's eyes are clear. Hen is very alert. Hen was sitting in rice and water when I found her. The N mainly feeds her birds left overs. They spend moost of time at my home eating flock raiser,layena and grains which I feed my chicken flock. The neighbor was medicating the bird with something that sounded like MZ. N said it was something for skin. It is a human medicine.

    I have taken the bird to my home. I have put her in a kennel in my home. She is being offered high protein "chick" feed, vitamin water at this point. I have not seen her eat but she has only been her a couple of hours. I have kennel covered to keep her calm.

    Here are the questions I have:

    1. I have injectable pencillin. How much do you give a peahen? I have used on my chickens but no idea on this bird.
    2. Since she has such a large area of her skin exposed and feathers pulled out should I use somehting besides triple antibiotic?
    3. Sick chickens I put in my "hospital" kennel and keep them at about 80 degrees F. What about peacocks? She is in the house at 70 degrees F. Should I bring the temperature up 10 degrees F?
    4. Any other things I should do for this hen?

    Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Hello Abbaschickens,
    Unfortunately, I'm no expert and can't help you out with your injured girl.
    But we have some peapeople who really know how to help and hopefully they'll show up here soon!

    In the meantime, it might help them to help you if you could post some pictures, so they can see the extent of the poor girl's injuries and feather loss. Is there any way you can take photos without traumatizing her more?

    Best of luck.
  3. As with all wounds that were open, disinfection of the area and in general is critical. Triple antibiotic works as good for them as it does for us. Keep it on. Feather loss is not important. I would prefer Baytril or Tylan over P. Can't help you on dosage at the moment.

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