Dog Attack!


6 Years
Sep 29, 2013
My neighbors dogs attacked our chickens. One was killed, one went missing but returned the next day, and one badly injured. We have been keeping the badly injured one in our bath tub with hay and some sugar water. We did not see any wounds and the chicken was lying on his side breathing hard with no interest of food or water unless someone helps lift his neck and sticks his beak in the water. After a couple hours he flipped himself onto the other side, and now we can see a large open wound that he must of been hiding under some of his wing. The wound looks quite deep in some spots and is directly under and in front of the top of his wing (maybe side chest area?). Today he is still hardly moving, breathing less heavily. But now the leg on the wounded side seems to shake some times. What should we do? He has only survived with this wound for 2 days now, and no one in my house is very optimistic about his survival. I need help, sooner rather then later! Thank you very very much


6 Years
Jul 24, 2013
Clean the wounds gently with some warm water and maybe some betadine or iodine, but don't be too rough. Just get away any dirt that is sticking to the wound, if you can. Then, I'd apply some antibiotic ointment like neopsporin (but don't use any antibiotic ointment with ingredients ending in "cain/caine", or anything with painkillers in it. Many wounds do best if left uncovered and open, so I would advise against bandaging. Keep the wound clean, and keep feathers out of the wound. Make sure that you isolate the rooster, as other chickens will pick on an injured one, especially if they see blood.


12 Years
Oct 26, 2007
When my chickens were attacked by a coon, even the ones that weren't injured seemed to be "emotionally" injured for awhile. They quit laying, and were lack-luster. Don't give up yet.

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