Dog Attacked and Scattered My Chickens


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Aug 10, 2011
the neighbor left their dog out again and it attacked my chickens. i found one dead and four others missing. i walked all over our property this afternoon and drove up and down our road and couldn't find a trace of any of the others. Then, just before sun down, the rooster came walking back to the coop - slowly. A few minutes later, the other three made their way back to the coop as well. I have no idea where they were hiding but I'm amazed they found their way back.

The rooster must have put up a good fight because half of his tail feathers were in the yard but he didn't seem to have a scratch on him other than one tip missing from his comb.

Two of the four that made it back were bitten on the back. One seems to be doing ok but the other one is in back shape. I covered all the bite marks with blue kote, gave them lots of waters, some bread scraps, and a small bowl of yogurt. They've been away from the coop for almost four hours with no water so I thought they'd be a little dehydrated and hungry after running from the dogs.

The hen with the most injuries actually laid an egg after I brought her inside. It was the first time I've seen an egg with a flexible shell - almost like rubbery jello. I assume this was just because of the stress.

Anyway, is there anything you'd recommend I do to help the hens heal? Right now they are inside the house in my office inside a dog crate with the door open.
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Your neighbor is responsible for the dog attack and should replace your peeps, if the dog came to your property. I hope you well with the others, it sounds like your doing a great job with them....I wouldn't let them out again till you have a talk with the neighbor about the chicken killing dog. ~Charm1704
You need to do a police report about the attack....that way you have it documented. Also, I WOULD TALK TO THE NEIGHBOR.....they should replace your birds or compensate you for the damages that the dog did.

Once a dog starts going after will continue and the next time you may not be so lucky. Also, when a dog starts to kill stuff like this and go onto neighbors property....he is claiming the area as his territory....a dog doesn't know property bounderies. He will get braver and braver and may start to show aggression towards people (including children). So, don't take this as a light thing, because it can become serious really quick.

Hope your birds get better....just make sure you guard against infection.

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