Dog bite question.

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    Hello im new here and have a quick question on a injury to a 6 month old hen. Her skin is torn from the center breast region down to the thigh&leg joint. There is a small bite mark in her breast but that is the only damage i see to the actual meat. Theres not as much blood as you would expect looking at the wound. Ive got her inside the house in the utility sink under a lamp to dry her off as i found her in snowbank. Ive patted the wound dry and applied dr. Naylor blu-kote. Im just wondering if this is something that she can recover from or if its a lost cause. I will post some pictures of the wound in a little while after she dries off and shows sign of feeling a little better. Any info is appreciated, thanks
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    A lot of chickens recover from dog attacks just depends on the severity, your case doesn't sound to bad . They are a lot more resilient then people give them credit for.
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    Welcome to byc by the way! [​IMG] glad you are here // wish it was under better circumstances
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    If the skin tear is really the only injury (no unseen internal injuries, for example), then she definitely could recover. I had a pullet that suffered a similar skin tear (different cause), and treated her with Vetericyn spray. It took a while, but she recovered and is indistinguishable from her sisters now.

    Best wishes for your pullet's recovery!

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