Dog doo dilemna...please help


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Feb 15, 2007
Austin area, Texas
I've just about had it with my neighbors who refuse to clean up after their mutts. The walk to and from school has become a game of "dodge the dung". And as for my yard, I don't have a dog, I shouldn't have to clean up dog [email protected]!!!! I'm tired of hosing off shoes and bike tires, so I have an idea. I'm going to put up lots of little signs flagging the piles, hopefully amusing but with idea of making people more aware. I need help thinking of clever little things to say. Please give me some ideas, preferable not rude as the kids around here read perfectly well.

Some of my ideas are:

along the Burma Shave lines: look ahead, just up there, I think that dog, needs underwear...doggy don't
doggy doos are really doggy don'ts
I don't think this is from the Easter bunny
That's ishy!!!!
can't walk a mile without a doggy pile
IED=icky excretory dump
no more roadside bombs



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Sep 20, 2007
Western IL
I have seen signs that say "here lies the remains of the last dog that pooped in my yard" or something like that. I am sorry you have to deal with this, the owners of the dogs are not being responsible pet owners. If you know who is doing it I would very nicely ask them to clean up after their dog.


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Feb 15, 2007
Austin area, Texas
I wish I knew who it was. I think one is my neighbor who has 5 dogs, yes five but he can't be alone. Everytime I take the kids to school there is more; and he never takes his dogs that way. We have early morning and late night dog walkers, and only a few who seem to know what plastic bags can be used for. We live is "upscale" suburbs, and this is really getting to me. About two weeks ago I was walking home from school with another mom and her two year old picked up a piece of doo and almost ate it....EEEEEWWWWW. From the size of the piles, I'd swear the neighborhood is full of great danes, saint bernards and dire wolves.


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Sep 23, 2007
SE Texas the first place having 5 dogs shouldn't make someone more or less responsible...I have 6...FOUR of which ARE great danes, and the other 2 x's are both 50 lbs +. You could make signs, sure, but there are also signs you can buy: (My mother owns this one...very cute in person.)
Since you are in an 'upscale' neighborhood, those *might* look a little more classy than handmade signs.
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Jan 21, 2007
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That's how we Californians do it!

Mom's- You don't have any sort of HOA? Or maybe you can contact the city, or animal control. There's got to be a law against loose dogs.
Think about it... The city charges up the rear (don't pardon the pun! LOL) to have your dog taken out of the pound, so they'll see it as a way to generate money! And after the owner has to pony up a few times, I bet the dogs will be locked up.


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Aug 20, 2007
I don't think having a dog shipped off to the pound bc it pooped in the yard is a solution. The problem is clearly the OWNER. And I know I wouldn't want it on my head that a dog got PTS just bc it pooped in my yard and the owner failed to pick it up at the shelter.
Have you seen any of these dogs actually poop in your yard or along the way? If so, I would start baggin it up and taking it to the neighbor with the dogs, or just tossing it back in their yard, where it belongs.
Having 6 dogs I realize what a pain it is to be walking and step in dog poop...and its not from my dogs! the first place having 5 dogs shouldn't make someone more or less responsible...I have 6...

I totally agree!​


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Jan 12, 2007
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I got one crazy lady that walks her poodle just about everyday, near by house! She walks right from the street up to my house and it is close to my windows and she scared me one day. She didnt look in but just taking her dog to pee on my bushes next to my house. What a nerve of that woman! Not only she did to my yard and house corners, she goes on other neighbors yards even right up to their door step which her dog peed on the doors or steps. UGH!

When I saw her outside and I went to the backyard and hollered so she could possibly hear, "Did you see THAT lady with a snob butt dog doing in MY yard????!!!!" Well that didnt work but something tells me she probably forgot to take her medications since she looked spaced out.

We got enough weirdos in our neighborhood!

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