dog has infected eye?


11 Years
Sep 9, 2008
Dog has had an irritated eye since late last week (day after visiting the dog park). We thought it was allergies, but today the other eye is also red and goopy. I have some Similasan Pink Eye Relief for people. It contains Belladonna which I know is used with dogs, but want to make sure it is okay for the eye,Euphrasia which is eyebright which I know is okay for the dog's eyes, and
Hepar sulphuris which is sulfur flowers and powdered oyster shells.

Is there any reason I shouldn't put this in my dog's eyes?
I do not know about the safety or compatibility of that, so no comment on that. But, are you sure it is an infection? Especially if your dog is digging at the eye with a paw, things like barbed grass seeds pretty commonly get stuck in there, often in the 'third eyelid' that wicks across the eye.
Well, since it showed up in the other eye a couple days later I suspect infection...not something stuck in the eye.
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A Vet exam is in order here. I wouldn't be here asking about these other things when you suspect an infection in the eye. Unless you were familiar with the issue, which you dont' seem to be, I'd take the dog in. Better to be safe and have it effectively treated than to allow the infection to keep getting worse.

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