Dog house conversion suggestions?

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    May 20, 2012
    I currently have a large dog house in my yard. It has a heater in it that I may or may not be using (hangs from the ceiling). I will remove the separation wall in it. My entire yard is fenced with what you see behind the coop. I have a lot of yard for the chickens to explore. I have some ideas on how to modify my coop and have read a lot but wanted to ask some experts. ;)

    I am in Vermont where the weather gets fairly cold. The temps range from negatives in the winter to 80's in the summer. I am on 4 acres near a mountain. I am getting 3 Orpingtons.

    Questions (answer all or just what you know):

    1. Should I remove the green plastic grass from the platform?

    2. Where should I fence it? I can cut more openings around the coop.

    3. Can I use chain-link plastic coated fencing (I already have a ton)?

    4. Do I need to roof the fencing at all? With fence? With tin?

    5. I have something I was planning on using as a door for the current openings. It is covered in small wire. Will that be sufficient for my winters? I can also insulate it during that time.

    6. Is the small opening around the bottom of the coop ok or should I patch/fence it?

    Thanks for helping a novice!


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