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  1. chickenboy95

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    Dec 12, 2008
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    hello everybody. i need a place to house some more new chickens as my old coop had 46 chickens in it and thats crowded. so i was wondering would a large dog kennel work. the holes are about 1 inch by 2 inch holes that i plan on putting chicken wire over. im gonna spruce it up a bit to keep out drafts, put nest boxes and install roosts.

    if a dog kennel would work and if anyone had any pictures of the dog kennel as a coop post pics please.

    i need some ideas

    - cole

  2. Omran

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    Jul 26, 2008
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    I wished to be able to help you here, but I think almost any building can work as a coop as long you fix it and make it preditor proof and weather proof.

    I always say if I put my heart and soul for a project and I have the will to make it work it will turn out beautiful even if I am building a trush can.

    So have fun and good luck.

  3. eggchel

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    I have several chain link dog kennels that I use as coops. I put roofs over them (usually corrugated metal) and add chicken wire on the sides and down out on the ground to prevent coons from reaching in so easily and other predators from digging under.

    I have two that are 6x6 x 4 ft high. Those are annoying when I have to go inside because I have to bend over.

    I also have several coop/pens that are made out of 6 ft wide x 6 ft high chain link panels that are clamped together. Those I have assembled into 6 ft wide by 24 ft long pens with roofs.

    The kennels are good at keeping dogs and raccoons out however skunks and possums sometimes find a place to squeeze in, especially around the gates, so I have had to add extra wire at times.
    Sorry, no pictures.

  4. geareduplyn

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    Jun 2, 2008
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    Dog kennels make excellent coops if you have good panels. Most oif the panels sold today are not strong enough to keep a semi determined dog or other critters either in or out. You can reinforce them though and they are excellent for coops and runs. These pens are made entirely of dog kennels.



    The next picture might be closer to what you want to do. I have about 20 of these that I set up temporarily to free range my growing chicks. Thet are 8'X12'X6' high and can be set up in about an hour.

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  5. thecochincoop

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    I keep mine in dog kennels. They work great. I have a small coop in each one. One is 10x10x6 and the other is 7x13x6. I have 12 chickens in the 10x10 and 2 and 3 ducks in the other. If you put wire under the edges that stick out about 2 feet on each side predators can't dig in.

  6. ArizonaDesertChicks

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    Dec 8, 2008
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    This is ours. We attached it to the outside to give more room versus putting it inside the run. The dog kennel is 7 1/2' x 13' and the coop is 7 1/2' x 4 1/2'. We left ours open (3 sided) because we live in a very warm climate where it gets up to 115 in the summer and rarely gets below 32 degrees in the winter. You could easily add a fully enclosed coop to a dog kennel also. It's hard to see in the picture, but we do have chicken wire around the lower 3 feet. I've heard that you would need to use hardware cloth instead of chicken wire if you have raccoons because they will reach right through the chicken wire. The roosting pole is in the back and we don't have nestboxes yet because our chicks are still young and not laying.

  7. CATRAY44

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    I have the same set up.... 10'x10' kennel and converted dog houses, attached to the kennel from the outside, for my small flock. I have outfitted the kennel with perches and windbreaks, lined the sides with straw and pallets (for winter). Mine has the wire buried, as well as railroad ties buried around the perimeter against predators. I covered the whole kennel with hardware cloth. So far, so good.

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