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I do but it's pretty big. 20'x50'. The fence is only 5' tall so I'm attaching 2x's (8' tall) to metal posts and putting poultry netting on the top part to keep the flyers in. We had a 6' fence at the last place and some girls flew over it. Planning on doing the photo thing once the coop is painted so I can show all the parts.
I just got one! I am so thrilled about it! My coop is the perfect size for my 4 chickens and I had built a run that gave them the recommended amount of space but they seemed cramped. I really wanted them to be able to free-range but we rent and don't have a fenced in yard. I was thinking about building an extension on their run when I came across a dog run on Craigslist for $100! It was close to $240 new and the people only used it for a year before their dog died! It was all packaged up, close to new and it was a snap to put up! It quadrupled the size of the chicken run!!! I plan on covering it at some point but, until I do, I keep the smaller run inside because if I were to go away for an overnight or something, I wouldn't want my girls so exposed. But right now, it works wonderfully! It looks great too!


The most wonderful p0art is that now, we can go inside and really interact with the chickens, which is something we couldn't do before. The extension I was going to build was going to open on the side so we could reach in better but nothing is better than actually being able to stand amongst them and have them come right up for a visit! My girls are really friendly and I didn't want them to lose that! Also, the extension supplies might have cost more than the $100 I spent on this! But, thinking back, for all the supplies and time and effort, if I could do it all again, I would just go buy a new dog run! They sell the kits to make a cover but I think I may put something more solid up there, like some sort of poly roofing that comes in a solid sheet. Right now, they are partly covered by a tree so they have some shade during the day.


The chickens are really happy with all the space! And I am happy that I can bring a chair in there and just sit with them sometimes! Everybody is very, very happy!!! I recommend the dog run! Can you tell??? LOL
We love our chain link yard as well! Had 10 'x 6 ' high panels already for sides just needed to purchase 2 more panels at tractor supply to make a nice big yard for my 6 girls! We also attached 36"netting all around bottom on outside to prevent curious cats from reaching in and we covered the whole thing with plastic lattis which gives excellent shade as well as predator control!
Plastic lattice! Brilliant! Do you have some extra poles holding it up? I am worried about snow weight, so I think I will need to put up some poles for added support! We get a lot of snow here in Massachusetts! But I definitely want to cover, so they can have a nice yard in winter too! Do you have any plants growing on your lattice? It might look pretty to have something growing up one side and across the lattice! Like a green roof!!!
That is sad. I am sorry. I feel lucky we don't have a rat problem here. Chipmunks like to run in and eat the pellets but they are very skittery and would never attack a chicken. They flee if a leaf blows!
Thanks! Most of it is either donated materials or Craigslist buys...

The Coop itself was a shipping crate from where I work. My wife spotted it being broke down.. and she jumped on it for me!
Also used some scrap 2x4s. The Tin came from my brother.. left overs on one of his projects.. the storm door & the dog kennel Craigslist buys..

I added the underpenning & the deck off the front after about a year...

Still have more things I want to do.. but all in time.

Here's a link to the pics I've taken as I worked on her... things I've added & how it's changed over time...
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