Dog lovers, help please? How to get the word out on a couple dogs!


11 Years
Aug 16, 2008
I'm just heartbroken. Browsing FB and I ended up on our local county pound's page and I see these two boys … 8885537091 … 8885537091

Why would these two bother me more than the others?

Because they were born on my farm. Their mother was a yellow lab, named Summer, and their father is my Blue Heeler, Earnhardt, who's 10. Sadly, we lost Summer right after these boys were adopted due to the neighbor's horse being loose in our yard and kicking her in the head (she was chasing him). We had to have her put down.

Now I know there are people who will say I should have spayed my dog, that there's no excuse for accidental litters blah blah blah I don't want to hear it. If you want to flame someone, go to a different thread. I'm ONLY interested in saving these boys! I really wish their owner had contacted me before sending them to the pound, as I would have done everything in my power to help find a new home(s) for them.

The story behind these two boys - they went to a good home together at 8 weeks old. They have had the SAME home together ever since. I know that their owners got divorced last year, and their mom didn't get custody of them. The ex-husband did. Beyond that, I haven't been told anything as the information about the divorce came to me via their mom. I had offered to take both boys in DURING the divorce, but since the judge granted custody of both boys to the ex-husband, their mom wasn't free to relinquish them to me. They were considered "Marital property".

I didn't know they were going to be surrendered to the pound. I would have certainly tried to stop that if I could.

I plan to go visit them tomorrow while Baby Boy is in school, if I can. I have already asked my husband if we could at least get Cobalt, but he doesn't feel that we could feasibly afford another large dog, let alone two. We have our Blue Heeler (dad to Cobalt and Magnum) and our Redbone Coonhound, Zoe, and he doesn't think it would be fair to take on 2 more dogs. I at least want to do my part to get them adopted.

They are UTD on all shots, neutered, housebroken, and very bonded to each other.

They also have ages wrong, Cobalt and Magnum are more like 4 or 5 - I'll have to go pull out photo albums and look up when they were born, but I know for sure they are older than 3.

I'll blame part of it on hormones (due to have a baby in 2 weeks), because I've been crying like a baby over these two boys since finding they are at the pound.

Also, there's another little dog named Reno at the Harrison County Dog pound - if someone could PLEASE help him, too? His owner is deployed to Afghanistan and his owner's wife didn't want to take care of him (don't get me started) so she sent him to the pound.

Any advice that is helpful to find a new home for these guys, please send it!

I'm not interested in flaming, abusive comments, negative comments on accidental litters, etc.
try to get in touch of a local rescue and get them posted on petfinder. Some rescues will do a courtesy posting.

For the other dog, there are several groups that will foster dogs whose owner's are deployed. Not sure if there is anything that they can do since he has already been turned over to the pound.

Did you have any kind of contract on the pups? A lot of people will have a "right of first refusal" so that the dogs aren't allowed to be rehomed without the breeder's permission.
The links aren't working for me. Will the pound give you permission to put up flyers and put adds in the local paper? Maybe you can at least find a foster home until you can find them a new home. The vets near you may also let you put up flyers of the dogs or at least give you the name of a rescue (perhaps give them a donation to take the two?). I hope they get adopted to a great home soon.

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