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Oct 24, 2009
A dog killed one of my best hens this morning - my only grey tail white Japanese Bantam. She died protecting her chick.

The dog some how managed to get through a narrow gap high up on my 5 foot concrete wall near out front gate.

It then climbed over the 6 food chain link run fence and went on the rampage. Apart from the hen that it killed, it also injured several others and 2 chicks are missing - still not back and its been nearly all day.

When ran out to see what was going on I opened the run door and the dog ran past my and jumped though the opening on the wall. The dog was big - I was surprised how it could fit through the gap.

I had to go to work and lock all the birds in the coop - which they hated as its quite small and they are used to free ranging in the day.

The dog has come back several times, hanging around outside my gate, but I can't get near to it to catch it - even with food.

I don't know what to do as its only a matter of time before it gets back in - and I can't keep my birds locked away all the time.

The owners have many dogs and don't care about them at all, they just let them roam about - they don't have a fence or any way to contain them. The dog has been a problem chasing and biting at people on motorbikes and walking past also. The country we are in does not have any laws about dogs, so I can't call any animal control (we don't have any).

I know talking to the owner will do no good - and it may make it worse.

I am going to try to catch the dog and then take it somewhere else far from my village.


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Aug 12, 2009
Seriously,get rid of the dog.

Owners have lots of dogs,but THIS dog is a problem all around.Deal with him first..Roamers disappear all the time.Make this one go bye bye.You are kind to simply move it,

Me,something changed after a dog attack me and my dog,and I just don't go down the relocation path much anymore.Best wishes whatever you decide to do.


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May 11, 2010
Yep, the dog needs to go. If you take far from your village it will most likely find it's way back. You need to take care of this pest just like you would a wild predator.


Oct 24, 2009
I can't bring myself to kill or harm it. It just doing dog stuff, from lack of care form its owner. I will take it really far away for sure.

It came back this afternoon. I have been sick with food poisoning and was in bed - I heard the chickens going crazy again and ran out to the garden.

My partner was busy having a party with loud music, and someone had left the garden gate wide open!!!!! The dog was after the chickens again - but this time it did not catch any.

I cornered the dog, and was shouting for assistance, but no one could hear me because of the music, so i had to let it go.

This time I was lucky - the chickens flew away out of the garden and into the woodland across the stream, up into the trees. They all came back tonight to their coop - which is locked securely.

So now I need tips on how to catch the dog without getting bitten. Its about the size of sheep dog, very fast and frightened of people. It did not act aggressive when I cornered it, but maybe it would bite out of fear if I tried to grab it. It has no collar on.

I just know it will come back every day now. I need to make a trap for it.


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Jun 22, 2012
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I don't suggest you catch a dog that big. Either shoot it or call the police (since you don't have animal control). Be careful, don't get hurt.


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Mar 22, 2013
sorry for your loss and your can make a catch pole by using a piece of pvc pipe slide a piece of rope through it and attach the end to pipe make a loop then you can approach dog an place rope over dog head pull loop tight .hold him tight usally dog will calm down in a few minutes .that is what our animal control officers use here.[the length of pipe depends on what you are able to hold up i have one mine is made of 1 inch by 8 feet long]hope this helps you.let us know


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Apr 20, 2013
Agree with the last posters. Set some glass shards into concrete up on the wall or find some other way to keep the dogs out. Your problem is not just that THIS dog came in, your problem is that any predators can come in. So, getting rid of this dog is only a short-term and dangerous solution.

Good luck,



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Feb 14, 2013
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I believe that you can catch it safely it sounds like it has fear issues so your going to want to make a rabies pole.which is basically a long pole with a rope loop at the end that tightens or loosens this way even if the dog gets scared he can't bite and it makes manuvering him easier. If you can make a dog crate type item to transport him around in as well. But I would definitely filll that gap and maybe put something on the top of the fence so an aminal can't climb over it. Good luck with everything.

D Kluck

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Feb 8, 2013
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>>>I am going to try to catch the dog and then take it somewhere else far from my village<<<

....don't take the dog far from your with this problem in your village...... we live out in the country and city dwellers are constantly dumping their unwanted dogs on or near our ranch and then we have to deal with the problem... and all the ranchers in our area wind up having to kill the dogs.. ..even if we call animal control or the sheriff they come out and kill the dogs also... .

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