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Apr 8, 2015
Eastern Washington State
Hi Everyone,

Im a first time chicken owner and i built a coop/run with a dog kennel. I have a roost with a sand box/poop board underneath of it. I will build nesting boxes when they get closer to laying age. Everything is predator proofed top bottom and sides. How do you control the poop in the rest of the run area? Am I missing anything? Suggestions and opinions welcome.

ETA: I will be putting more slats in the chainlink on the far side to match. The black fabric is landscape fabric, it holds out the wind and keeps weeds from growing into my sandbox. Also I have a heat lamp out there as it does still get cold at night and they are about 6 wk old. Also once they get used to their new home and we finish our fence they will be let outside of the run while I am outside or they are supervised. we have a neighbor who lets his chickens run all around his propperty but I am not that brave!

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We have a new grass run, we've so far add dry grass clippings. I'm planning to add some straw (when DH gets ia bale down from the barn loft ;)) and pine shavings when I clean out the coop next. The poop disappears. In the fall I'll add leaves as well.
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Okay just from the pictures and your area that you live a few suggestions.

1. If the roost is made of metal tubing as it looks to be then you need to trash that idea, as they will get terrible frost bite come winter from the metal, use wood 2x2's or 2x4's depending on the size of the chickens.
2. I would make a completely separated or closed or closed in coop area that they can get in at night like a housed area, safer if the varmets do dig in under, over, tear thru.
3. I would put my waterer in a shaded area as to keep the water cooler, free from algae buildup, and nipples cooler.
4. other than that looks good.
I built a roosting table for mine. Easy to clean. I did raise the bar after this picture. It was too low and also moved the The part on hings down to the end by the widow. But I really dont even need to unlatch that. I just scoop it up with my scoop shovel and toss it in a plastic tote,

They seem to get up there just fine even tho its almost straight up.
I unfortunately came to this conculusion about the metal roost as well... I was laying in bed one night and though what about when it is cold or even hot for that matter they could get burned... going to be building something this coming week out of wood that I can later attach roosting boxes too! We have a shed I want to use as a structural coop just need to get it cleaned out and moved or torn apart and rebuilt. I was thinking by that time they will know where the run is and then I would just attach the coop to it let them get used to it and then just leave the door off the run and let them wander in yard during the day. Thanks for all the suggestions!!
Mine are just learning to fly up, they were cut off by the top of the brooder, even the shy ones are trying to jump on my arm. I like your set up once I have a solid building I would like something similar.
Thanks Everyone for all the suggestions. I have some changes to make! Also have to move my water/feeder we got rain and i ended up with some clumpy food, they didnt mind of course but it was a bit messy. the roof just barely covers it and its not gonna work.

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