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    Dec 24, 2008
    New Hampshire if anyone read my other post about clicker training a chicken, you will also know that i have a monster of a basset hound that i need to train...

    im looking for a knowledgeable dog trainer, close to Barnstead, or in concord, who can help me train him...

    i got him at 6 months old, and have had no luck training him...he knows sit and lay down...on his own terms...
    the problems are as follows:
    -chewing on things that are in his way (though thats a puppy thing.)
    -barking uncontrolably for no apparent reason
    -looking at his owners like we're idiots for being around when you ask something of him...i get the "youre stupid face" a lot.
    -refusing to listen to anything...hes too smart for his own good.
    -getting up on furniture and eating things off of the counter they are next to/jumping up on the counter to look -i broke him of it for a while, but its getting bad again (he ate a cup and a half of peanut butter, 11/2 stick butter, and 1 box of confectioners sugur...we were making buck eyes...that wasnt a pretty vet bill when blood started coming out)
    -begging at supper is a major problem. he jumps in your lap and takes food from you...i also broke this, but the holidays came, and there were many parties that i wasnt able to supervise him...

    -and the biggest problem of all...he is incredibly scared of men especially, and new people. he will bark, whine, run away/hide, nip like he's playing, then nip at their heels when they turn and walk i said, we've had him since 6 months, and he acts like he was abused by a man. i think there is every sign of abuse there. hes scared, hides, barks, defends himself, urinates EVERYWHERE, and so on...he is fine with some people, but certain people make him lose it...

    i need to fix this problem before he bites someone and needs to be put down. he is a good dog, even with all his problems, but its getting really old!

    if anyone knows of a good trainer in the area, please let me know! i have never had to deal with this before (not in dogs anyway) and i have no clue how to fix it...i should have gotten a puppy puppy, instead of a "someone already did too much damage" puppy, but ya...i was looking to get one that needed a home, instead of from a breeder, but look where that got me...
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