Dog with itchy skin!!

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Jan 14, 2009
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Poor guy, I took him to the vet a couple of months ago, spent over $50 and it did help, but its coming back with a vengeance. This is not funny, and I was SO mad at Onyx, but I guess I can also understand why he did it too. My husband got online and looked up home remedies for dogs with skin problems, and read where you take a cup of peroxide, two cups of water and 9 tsps. of borax. Mix the P and W together (I used pretty warm, because that borax has to dissolve and the warm helps) and then add the borax and blend it real good. Pour it over the dog, don't wipe down, just let them dry off naturally. Poor Onyx acted like it was just horrible, but I did notice he stopped itching a little the first night. Second night I was pouring it over him and noticed that the poor guy was covered in fleas. I was soooooooo mad because the girl at the feed store didn't have his wt. kind and told me to use the med. tube and use only half of it, she did it that way for her Chiwawa's Well, it didn't work. So, went to town next day and got the right size and that did the trick on the fleas. . .did the treatment again, but by that time he was so mad at me for the flea treatment AND the pour on, he was having NONE of it. During this whole treatment period, he was sneaking into DS's bedroom at night and pooping. . .never did it before, just wanted me to know that he was NOT going to be doused again. Soon as I stopped, he did too. And, people thing animals are dumb!!!

I just wondered if anyone else had any remedies they had tried, because the antibiotics aren't doing it, benadryl helps, but its not eliminating the problem, just covering it up . . .I put pure tea tree oil on the sores and that really did help. I know it burns, but it really softens the skin and makes him feel better after it stops tingling. He is sore free now, but still has itching fits a couple times a day. He is such a sweet boy, Shih tsu rescue, that I really want to get him better.
Try mixing the tea tree oil with a carrier oil to help dilute it down a bit and to condition his skin. I've used olive oil. Can even put it in a mister and pray in like a leave in conditioner. Sometimes tea tree oil can make their skin a bit sensitive.
My sister is using fish oil for her little demon dog! The vet said to pop it open and pour it on her food, once a day. So far so good!
It sounds like flea dermititis. You're dealing with a whole different problem than I am although I've had dogs with the same problem as yours. Our vet used Promeris on our dogs at the beginning of flea season and we haven't had one flea at all. And since applying the Promeris, we haven't had any problems with ticks on the dogs either. Plenty of problems with ticks on us humans, but not on the dogs.

Our Great Pyrenees puppy has a problem too. She had mange, as did the rest of my dogs, from an unscrupulous breeder we got my son's husky puppy from. Our son's husky infected all our dogs with sarcoptic mange and it spread like wildfire.

After all the dogs being treated successfully, Lady is still scratching her skin raw. She's had skin scrapings at the vet 4 times now, no mange. The vet said maybe fleas. He checked, we checked, no fleas, no flea dirt, but treated her for it anyway. She's still digging herself raw.

Next week, she's back to the vet. There has to be a solution. Meanwhile she gets Benadryl constantly that doesn't help.

I hope you find a solution for your dog. I know it has to be maddening for him just like it is for our Lady.

The vet did give me a lotion with hydocortizone in it that I bet I could dribble the tea tree oil in . . .it really does seem to soothe him. He is older and was beautiful when I got him. Didn't have him a month and the itching started. When I took him to the vet, she took one look at him and said "I bet i know why he was sent to the shelter. They got him all healed up, and then gave him away." He is so good and protects me at night in bed when my DS comes in to tell me goodnight. He chases him right back to his own room, which DS thinks is just hilarious!!
i have been using advantix for years, no fleas, no ticks. yea it cost alot, but after paying and wasteing time(time is money) with everything else, it is worth it.
Is Promeris the one that also takes care of Heartworms as well as fleas and ticks? My daughter has a Boston Terrier, and he has skin issues as well. She said their vet gave Spider a pill to get rid of the fleas first, and then a month later started the treatment out of the little vials.
You must get rid of the fleas first. To soothe the skin try giving him a soak in aveeno. You will find it in the baby section of the store. If the dog likes water, just mix it in the water in the tub or pool and let him soak for as long as he likes. I don't rinse it off after.

Works great on my girl that has bad reactions to lots of things.
The fleas are gone, and someone on another post about dogs and itchy skin said to try the shampoo for dandreff, can't think of the name of it, but the GOOD stuff, and I did try it and we think it helped. . .he is better than he was, and I think I will try a lot of these good ideas and see if we can get him back on track.

I did try the fish oil too; my husband takes prescription Omega-3 fish oil and he said to try those because he can cut back on 1 or 2 a day and still be o.k. . .and then I got lazy and quit doing it. Will start back tomorrow on that too.
My dog had itchy skin with red patches all over!
Someone gave me some dinovite (sp?) and it worked wonders but honestly I think maybe it was the omega 3 fish oil so I've been using that when I ran out of the skin problems.

And I use frontline for fleas/ticks...

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