Doghouse Conversion Coop In The Works (DONE)


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11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
Fuquay Varina, NC
The dog refused to use this house for the last 2 years. I got sick of her getting all wrapped up and stuck around the legs, so I kept moving it but it really had no use until now. We've reconstructed the coop so the roof opens on hinges for easy access to the inside, and we're adding a run as you can see. I have to go get more pictures as we've done more to the run so far, and it just needs to be wired, add a branch for them to hop on, and a nesting box to the doghouse. The top of the run goes all the way up to the peak of the house but haven't photoed that.


The big part of the project, I can't wait for, is a raised bed in the run with some planted perennial grasses, kale and clover for them to snack on as it grows through the mesh top we'll add to the garden bed inside. They'll be happy to have access to some fresh greens everyday.
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Thanks! I got an update:


Waiting for the picture to load from the other angle. You see we've moved it over to the other coops, and they create a nice "U" shape now.
That sounds like a good idea. I would have to ask hubby how to do the axel and wheels for something this size?

Even if we can't move it, I'm working on the raised bed with mesh top so I can plant a chicken garden for them. Going to plant some of the "Chicken Salad Mix Seeds" from My Pet Chicken since a good amount of it is perennials!
Don't you mean "conversion"? When I saw the thread title, I was hoping to see a cute doghouse where you could sit inside with friends and talk...

Nice job, by the way.

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