Dog's harrassment lowers egg production?


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We have a stray that we are 'fostering' until we can find him a good home. Our chickens normally freerange, but we are unable to let them out while this dog is out of his kennel. And now, he has taken to running toward the fenced pen, scaring the chickens, and trying to tunnel under the fence. I think it is reducing our egg production. Anyone have any anectdotal experience with this kind of situation?
That kind of stress will absolutely have an effect on production. The dog must be corrected if he even looks at the chickens. Any aggressive or excited behavior cannot being allowed for an even instant.

From another post I made on the subject:
Correct any attention the dog gives toward them immediately. If he looks at them for any more than a couple of seconds in an alert position (ears and body forward) he must be corrected. He will have to learn to lay submissively as they move about. Any chasing or following must be corrected immediately.

We successfully reconditioned a wild dog that killed to eat and hunted to survive before we started feeding her. I never had to use any force more than one time in the beginning when she went for the birds and I put her to the ground in staunch disapproval. After that I would just growl or say a sharp "Hey!" if I saw any unwanted attention. Eventually we let the birds free and the dog never harmed them, even when we were not present. I think if a wild dog can be reconditioned, almost any dog can.
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Good to know. Our two dogs that have been around since before the chickens have learned to leave them be, and they and the chickens can freerange together without incident. But new foster dog is really showing signs of becoming more agressive with them. Think I'll have to resort to keeping him on a lead for a while so I can make those corrections. Thanks!
ANY stress can cause your chickens egg production to fall off...not just that dog coming across as a predator, but even being confined to the run if they're use to free ranging daily. They just don't take change well. Sounds like you know what to do to correct things
just noticed you are a fellow spay/neuter advocate. Good for you! I just started a dog rescue in my county due to the overwhelming dump dog stats we have here. East Texas is one of the worst in the nation for strays and unaltered animals, according to my vet. I love my foster dog, but I love my chickens too! He must conform......

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