Doing the keet dance! She made it!


14 Years
Mar 8, 2008
Southwest Missouri
All right, I've been afraid to post because every time I post something nice about my guineas, they turn around and do the opposite. I post that they all sleep in the coop at night, the next evening three of them won't come out of the tree. I post that they've quieted down in their second year, they start to scream every day. Etc, etc.

So when one of my girls started sitting a nest outside and seemed to be doing well, I didn't want to post because I was sure she would get eaten if I said anything on here. Superstitious, that's me!

We built a little fortress around her after she started setting. It wouldn't have kept out anything extremely determined, but definitely would have taken some work to get into. Then we held our breaths and hoped. I brought her breakfast and a water dish every morning, and we pulled the food and water every night so as not to attract predators with it.

This afternoon, we got our reward. Not very many keets, mind you. Only 4 out of a whole mess of guinea eggs. But still....she did it!!!

I am so excited. Pics soon.

Wish us good luck, now we have to figure out how we're going to get the family into the coop tonight. This may involve leather gloves, long sleeves and safety glasses.


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