Dolly has a question about her brain


11 Years
May 9, 2008
Central Iowa
This is Dolly and s/he wants to know why all of a sudden her head starts to wobble back and forth in an uncontroable fashion?


She has a pretty good vaulted skull and I am wondering if she might have hit her head on something and is now having seizures. She eats normally, plays normally but then her head will just start waving to and fro. She tries to act like its not happening. Maybe her head is to big for her delicate neck? (no I don't really think that)
I would read about "wry neck" and use the suggested supplements. I have a silkie that's very prone to this from stress (even by a rooster). I use selenium+vit. E, ginko, and, if it's really bad, prednison (2.5mg X 10 days). She doesn't lay, so I don't worry about anything passing to eggs. The last time I used pred. was when a wooden board fell on her head and KNOCKED HER OUT! It was totally my fault - she went completely limp and unconcious. I was certain there was brain swelling, hence the prednisone. My mom was an RN for 35+ years, and she said concussions take about 4 days before people start acting right again, and sure enough - 4 days later it was as if nothing happened! Sorry about the tangent - had to share! Good luck!

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