Dominant behaviors with 5 week old Wyandottes?


10 Years
Jan 17, 2010
So far 1 of my 4 is a definate roo...So whats "normal" dominant behavior at 5 weeks old? He rules the roost..he's already doing stand offs..flying round house kicks...makes the feeding call...etc..Is this normal or could this be a problem in the future? Hes totally cool with me and hangs out on me and purrs. I moved them to a larger brooder thinking they needed more room?
I think it's perfectly normal behaviour.
I have a brooder box full of 2 week old beak jousting, flapping, chest butting gladiator chicks that like to play "King of the Mountain" on top of the waterer and feeder. The only time they aren't slam dancing is when they're asleep-they are adorable, though.

I'm just HOPING that doesn't indicate I have all roosters.
I believe they try to start establishing a pecking order very early.
I wouldn't worry that this is necessarily an indication that he will be agressive later on-think he is just testing the waters.

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