Dominant male swapping


5 Years
Jan 2, 2015
Durham, uk
Okay i had a cracking breeding set of birds 1 male 7 female. But about 40% eggs were not fertile so not actually that cracking. I had the chance to get new blood in the group, by means of a white texas a&m male for free, so i took him. I upped my females to 10 and now 2 males.

My original roo pecked the white roos neck but they both were mating, and it wasnt too bad.

Now 2 months on the white roo has taken over the dominance, now the original roo is getting plucked from kneck to high back, but still mating. White roo is regaining his feathers. Plus original roo is crowing at 4am everymorning, which sets my cream legbar rooster off.

So most unsatisfactory, however im getting around 75 percent fertile eggs. This was a hatch quite recent after introducing the whote roo, so may be better on next weeks hatch.

What should i do here do you think? Ideally i need high fertility, my setup isnt ideal for seperating.
I get 90-95% fertility out of one roo and seven hens on my non line bred stock.. Something is wrong. Are you sure thats all the fertility youre getting? How are you checking fertility?

As far as keeping two roos in the same pen, its not a good idea. Actually it just flat doesnt work.Theyll never stop fighting and its a big source of stress for the ladies.
No doubt your right in all instances. I check via failed eggs i.e no embryo growth. Ill know better this next hatch.
Im planning on upping my females to 12 or so.

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