Dominique, Cuckoo Marans, WLR Cornish Bantam, Silkie, Pearl OEGB


10 Years
May 28, 2009
Bloomington, Indiana
I have hatching eggs available in the breeds listed. I can supply individual breeds or an assortment. The breeds are penned seperately and eggs will be pure. None of them are show quality birds, but if you just like some variety or layers, etc., here ya go....

If you're interested or have questions, you can reply on the thread or PM me. I can give you shipping quotes. I'm located in the Bloomington, IN area and pickups are welcome as well. I can accept Paypal or MO, etc. possibly as well.

$7 a dozen for any of the eggs. I always try to include extras when shipped. Depending on the size of the egg, I can ship up to 2 1/2 dozen together the way that I pack them. The bigger eggs, like the Marans, more like something less than 2 dozen just so they're not too crowded.


Cuckoo Marans
(Their eggs are not especially dark, but they do lay the darkest brown eggs of any of my flock of various breeds of layers and are nice sized birds and lay well.)

White Laced Red Cornish Bantams


(They're all white, except for one buff hen, limited quantity available.)

Pearl Old English Game Bantams
(Limited quantity of eggs available, I only have the one little pair of birds.)

I also have regular ol' barnyard mix eggs from the rest of my mixed laying flock for $2 a dozen.

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