Dominique Hen and Orpington Buff hen - Central CA

wow, that's too bad. I'm curious how you got two hens before you found out you were allergic!

Do you have a price you want for them? I could take them, but I probably couldn't give you a reasonable price for a pair laying hens. You may do better on craigslist, there are a lot of people looks for chickens there.

I live in Livermore, so I would probably have to convince one of my friends who commutes from Merced to get them for me....
Yeah, I forgot what section I was in when I posted that. :) Feel free to call me 'bird brain.'
To know that they go to a good home $0.00. I did not realize it was my chickens causing my asthma attacks til I went to the doctor. Very sad day, I have been trying to pretend I can still keep them.

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