Dominique Pullet or Cockerel?

Newmans Farm

Mar 14, 2014
Hello all, I am posting 4 photos of my 3 week old Dominique chick. We ordered a pullet, but are not sure if she is a pullet or cockerel. I am posting 2 photos of the white spot on her head, a photo of her beak and shanks & a photo of her overall. Is there anyway to determine at this point which she is or at least, which she is leaning toward? Thanks for your help!!


Looks like a pullet to me. Small, tight head spot, dark wash on the legs.
I'm thinking pullet as well. However, we'll be more sure in a couple more weeks when she has more feathers.
Thank you very much for your thoughts and comments.

We have been a bit concerned because we like this chick soo much. First, she started off as the biggest chick but our buff orpington now seems to be a little larger. She had fairly large yellow-ish feet and the dot on the head was not as tight as we thought it should be. When the other chicks run away from us, this one walks towards us. We really hope that she is a she. Since day one, she has acted differently than the others girls but in a very good way.

Thanks again

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