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    Apr 5, 2010
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    ordered and received 25 doms - 3 cockeral and 22 pullets, from Bob and Diane Berry of Ray City Ga. The order went smooth, shipping was fast. 26 sent, 1 dead (hah!). Thanks for the "Express" mail to western ND. Must have been costly. Great management on your part. Thanks again Clint. Thanks Bob and Diane. Mel I will post pictures on My Page
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    Quote:Ha your welcome, I'm glad that I was able to refer you to another good source to get some good birds and I'm glad they all worked out for you. Did you see my RIRs chicks from William that I posted in the RIR Breed Thread ? They are growing so fast and I was glad to get them becuase I dont think William is going to be selling many more. He is going to cut down on a lot of his hens and start breeding them for showing again, so he probably wont be doing much selling next year.

    Good luck with the chicks


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