Don’t rain on my Para-egg


Jun 3, 2018
Well howdy do one and all! Here we are at the end of another week! I’m sitting here in Southern California enjoying one of our rare treats — RAIN! This is my absolute favorite weather! I love when the chill rolls in and opening our windows to hear the storm. But just as sudden as I heard that thunderous clap!!! It occurred to me, my poor feathery girls might not feel so inclined as to share that sentiment.

Now, this is my first year owning my own flock and it seemed a lifetime ago I assisted in my raising of them as a child. Again, that is all with a childlike mindset and all that goes with it... so I beg you to excuse what I’m sure is bound to be some silly questions.

First, it is currently only 60 degrees F* (yes this is about the depths of the plummeting “cold” us Southern California’s get) Is there anything I should be doing for my cooped up 5-6 month old girlies? We should be expecting our first eggs from a few this month and on into next — unless the weather has anything to say about it.

Secondly, is their anything I should attend to whilst it rains? We will only have 2-3 days of it, but I want to be sure I do right by my girls. The coop is of course all weather proof, and I can assure it’s dry inside. Our run extends to under the coop so that part is covered atop but open at the sides. Three quarters of the run is covered atop preventing rain while the rest is wiring, as are the remaining sides. Our run floor base is sand.

Any tid bits of advice would be greatly appreciated. While waiting for the arrival our our littlest address coming in 2 months, these girls are fulfilling all my nesting needs! I look forward to your aid!

One hatchy Momma
Just watch that things remain dry inside the coop.
Is your run roof shedding water away from coop and run?
Does it rain a lot when it rains, or not so much?
That coop looks awfully small for 5 full grown chickens,
are they sleeping in the nests?
They are not silly questions because you don't know. You need to ask those questions. I'm not sure if you are ready for the answers though.

6-week-old chicks can handle temperatures below freezing as long as they can get out of a cold wind. Yours are 6-months-old, not 6 weeks. 60 F is nowhere close to freezing. Those chickens wear a down coat, they are probably thinking 60 is just starting to get comfortable. At 60 F a breeze probably feels good. So what should you do when the temperature plummets to 60? Be glad they are comfortable.

What should you do when it rains? Can you sit somewhere dry and watch them? I'd hate for you to get wet. If rain is that rare they may be afraid of it, much like they react to snow. Chickens don't like change and can be cautious. Unless it is a really hard heavy rain mine go outside to enjoy it. I think it brings worms to the surface where they can feast. You can see them walking around outside soaking wet, with the feathers with the feathers plastered down, having a great time. They can dry off later, there is food to be had. But yes, the coop floor should stay dry. Hopefully the run will soon dry out. With a rain that only lasts a couple of days and sand in the run you should not have standing water or extensive mud.

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