Done with my temporary quarters!


10 Years
May 4, 2009
Carroll County, Va
I started out with this:


It's a frame for a raised garden bed with a sort of cage down in it. The chicks are killing the grass and tilling up the soil for me as well as providing a bit of fertilizer.

Today I pulled it back out, added a couple of doors for easier access and raised it up on stakes. The best part is, now that it's higher, I can sit it my chair and watch, instead of crouching down and peering in!


There's a built-in perch and a big branch in there for their amusement.

They run around and fly all over the place. Happy, happy chickies!


Now I guess I'd better stop procrastinating and get my coop built!!
Thanks! They spent the night out there last night and I'm sure would prefer to never come back into the house again. I'm putting the coop where an established mint bed is so today's job is getting that dug and moved. The 100 degree heat doesn't make me too anxious to get out there but I guess I'd better!

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