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Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Sherry, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Sherry

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    Apr 8, 2007
    Southern WV
    I have a 5 year old mini donkey He was gelded just today.

    My question is...once his testosterone is out (~3 months per the vet) will he be able to be put in with my goats or will he still play to rough with them?

    At one time I had him in with my billy and they got along well, but Donkey played pretty rough with him. I didn't know if this was because he was intact.

    Thank you for any input.
  2. pamperedpoultry

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    Depends on the donkey.. They tend to be a lil rough.. Just keep an eye out and see how they do.. Gelding him may or may not help but sure didn't hurt =)
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