dont feel bad about my chicken math 32+ 23=55


8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
Bergman, AR
dont feel bad i got suckered into buying 6 BT jap bantams, 11 EE bantams, 5 SL polish, and 1 EE cockerel , all 3 days of age earlier wensday. that on top of the 9 guinea egs inthe incubator now with 12 EE's at 2 weeks of age in a brooder and a flock outside of 20 chickens, moslty EE's and BRs.

32+ 23=55
ah..and by Chicago you mean the only place in IL right? LMBO..that what us "southern Illinoisans" to Chicagoans call you all...
Hey, I'm originally from Chicago and now live in Indiana. We don't even exist here. For example, on the Weather Channel, they'll say, storms in Illinois Ohio and Michigan...umm..hello! Nothing like blatanly skipping right over an entire state!

Anyway, good luck with all those babies!!!
your chicken math sounds like mine
. How about this one. My DD has a friend that lives in New Jersey. My 2 DD's went to visit. They had never met her parents. When they got there the mom said wow you dress like everyone else. Guess she expected them to be dress in bibs no shoes and straw hangin out their mouths
Then she said do you live near chicago? no we are near Springfield. Where is that? You know the capital of Illinois.
Haha- your exactly where I was last spring. I had 58 babies running around
my husband told me I was crazy. I told him I'm not crazy, just mentally hilarious! Enjoy your

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