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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by SonnyGirl, Apr 18, 2012.

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    I have 7 poults and one has had like a "weepy" butt? From everything I've read about Pasty Butt (which people warn that they can die from), the concern is that it's hard/thick and blocks the vent. My little guy's is NOT crusty or hard/thick. I have seen him take many normal poops, some big some small, just like any other poult and it's not blocking him. However, he has always had this leaky bottom... it is not brown/diarrhea but the white color.. and I find it on his legs, butt, and the bottom of under his belly nearest his bum. I have cleaned it off his legs and tried to get it off his belly, where it does harden... but it seems to grow more than I can clean it because he struggles when I put a wet cloth on his belly (even though I make sure it's luke-warm). Is this still pasty butt?? Do I still follow normal pasty butt suggestions? And if I can't keep his belly totally clean (where there's still some harder stuff stuck), is it going to harm him? thanks for any replies!
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    I had some turkey poults last year got a weepy bottom and I had 12 and like boom I lost 2 them another 2 died. So from now on I treat then worry if they had something. The 2 medicines in turkeys that work best is tetracycline and tylan. I will mash boiled egg and add some oatmeal then I like to put in tetracycline powder about 1/4 tsp and mix it in and feed it to them and that saves tetracycline from turning black in water from the light and they get medicated. I usually give this for 5 days but after 2 days you should see if that is helping if not helping then give them tylan.

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