Dont know what to do!!??


8 Years
May 21, 2011
So yesterday my first ever duck egg hatched and out popped a beautiful duck, she is still in the incubator but il be needing to get her out soon to feed and water her! The only thing is the other eggs are not really doing anything! One has cracked but the rest are not moving or anything! What should I do? Should I leave the bator closed, or get her out really quickly? Thanks for any help!
She will be lonely on her own either in or out of the bator- at least inside she can hear the others. If you take her out- spray the other eggs to try to counteract loss of humidity in the bator from opening it. Congrats on the new baby. Hope she soon has some hatchmates to keep her ( and you ) company.
Thank you for your quick reply! Some of the eggs have gone a really dark colour! Does anyone know what this means?
Well, it could mean they're rotting, but the ones that did that on me did it like around day 14, about halfway through.

If its at the last day or so, it just means that the space in there is filling up with duckling and they're getting close to hatching. At least that was my experience with Rouens last year -- they are a dark colored duckling and it showed through the shell. I don't know if the same would be true for something that hatches yellow like a Pekin.
Its only happened really recent, within the last few days, and it should be hatching day tomorrow! My first one popped out on the first day of lockdown!!!! Il need to take her out soon for food and water and am sooooo nervous about compromising the other eggs. It was a surprise she came out so early! Its all a confusing time and exciting and nervous at the same time. I just dont want anything to happen to them because of something i did or didnt do!

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