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  1. can a rooster be neutered so he doesn't "bother" the "girls"?:|

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    Sort of...
    You can caponize a male bird up until the age of 6 weeks. After that you risk killing him through loss of blood.
    At one point there was also a hormone that was implanted that sort of did the same thing...
    But effectively, safely...NO
  3. SpottedCrow,

    Thank you for your reply. [​IMG]

    I was just curious, since I have never seen this question asked before.

    It seems like a dangerous & expensive operation! [​IMG]

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    You're welcome.
    It is...I researched it when my cockerel Jerry started crowing at 6 weeks of age...
    If the person doesn't know what they're doing, his kidney could be removed instead of his testes and and he'll bleed to death.
  5. Oh my![​IMG]

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    I wouldn't advise caponizing. It was originally done to fatten up birds for market, but when the cornish hybrid meat chickens came out most people stop doing this. I seen kits you can buy in the chicken catalouges to do it. My best bet is not to buy a rooster unless you want to breed or have a protector for your flock.
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    I debated this issue myself recently when I brooded naturally and ended up with a little cockerel (only one, happily!). I voted against it, as even my vet was not too excited about doing it. I've been spending extra time every day handling him to keep him gentle. Right now he's almost 4 months old and he's very sweet, both to me and the girls, and he doesn't ever crow! The girls make more of a racket than he does!
    I'm hoping he stays this way...
  8. I guess if it was an easy & safe operation, many folks would be doing it![​IMG]

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  10. I doubt if a vet would accidently remove a kidney instead of a teste because they aren't the same color. I tried to have my 5 month old (beautiful) White Brauma rooster done last fall and it failed. The testes are too close to a major blood vessel and the risk of bleeding to death is too high. Either do it real young, keep him a rooster or get rid of him to a good home. And, oh yes, I was out over $300.00. Merry
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