Don't laugh, I'm building a run! FINISHED and ATTACHED PG 4!!!!


Obviously Insane
10 Years
Apr 30, 2009
Ok, so let's start with I'm not a carpenter at all. Nada... zip.. zero.. I just don't get the whole measure, measure, square, cut blah blah blah. As a person who likes to just wing it and make things organically without instructions this is a challenge.

My sussex needed a larger run than the baby cage, this one is 4x8. It will give them much more room. I still need to paint and add the hardware cloth.

So here it is framed out. The neighbor helped me attach the front to the back (wow it helps to have 2 hands), but I did everything else.

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wow what a great job. I did mine
and have to re-do it. its leaning at an angle
that makes it look like something from mars with the blue tarp
flapping in the
Aww thanks, ya'll are being too kind! I need to put some roosts in before I put on the hardware cloth, I just thought of that. Definitely a steep learning curve since it's my first official building project.

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