Don't tease a rooster!


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Just learned something very interesting from my normally lovable adorable buff orp roo... He doesn't like to be teased. He's never had a reason to feel threatened by me or irritated with me, until yesterday. He was doing his cute dance around my feet and I patted him firmly on his back and gave him a little push for fun. So he turned and did his dance in the other direction and I again patted him and gave him a gentle push. He got visibly irritated with me and did his dance alittle more actively, so one more pat and one more push and for the first time ever - he pecked me. Not hard at all mind you, and I scooped him up on my lap and gently squatted him down and we had a chat. Of course I apologized for messing with him, but also told him that I would respect his roosterness, and he was to respect my peopleness. Of course with no more teasing.

eta: It might have also been the fact that for the first time he felt threatened and or confused by my behavior and not so much aggressive reaction but defensive.
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Your rooster was doing the Sexy Dance for you.

As for the "no teasing" thing, I would encourage you to handle and herd your rooster often. You need to be his boss or he will think that he is yours.
I don't know that your roo was viewing your behavior as threatening, it might of just been more irritating to him than anything. He was trying to let you know that he was the big boss and looking at you as nothing more than a hen. Do NOT let him do this again. Next time he tries it, bend down and scoop him up. It is important for him to know that you are the head roo of the flock and not him. If he doesn't figure that out now, you could end up having a mean roo on your hands.
Sorry, I'm just so weird today. But this is one of those posts that make me think of just how much similarity I'm seeing between experienced rooster advice and advice about my DH

Chickenmaven just cracks me up thankyou
He's my big sweetie. Always sits on my lap and snuggles for a nap. I know what you're saying about being boss, but I don't feel the need to dominate him. We just need a trusting relationship and I think we will be fine. I am not afraid of him and I don't want him to be afraid of me either (even though early on I had been given a go round by another rooster and they can tear you up I know, but as that one got past his early cockiness - and I respected his wishes and he learned to trust me around his girls he was a good boy too. I think they really need to trust you most importantly - this is just what works for me and I am not sure if I would be different with small children around or not. I know i would definately be more concerned But I would want my children to respect the birds also and have the roos also feel comfortable around the kids. It seems that a secure and confident rooster is better than a nervous and insecure one, just like dogs. A fearful and nervous dog is the first to bite.

ETA: Keep in mind I don't know chicken psychology at all! And I am sure you are right about him being irritated. I am not about to go out and chase him around the yard to intimidate him and show him who's boss. I am confident if I don't pick on him (bad bad me) he won't ever peck me again. He can be boss. He has alot of responsibilities taking care of his girls. :) ETA: He's almost 8 mos. old and the first time he ever showed his roosterness, other than his adorable dance that I LOVE and wouldnt change for the world.
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Very good then. Keep handling him! That will help build up that trust that you seem to have been building already. Just don't push him again and things will probably be just fine!
Thinking that not all breeds of roos are so sweet.... I might rethink my whole theory if I had something other than a orpy. Tho my black copper marans is just as wonderful!

ETA: oops, forgot that the one who liked to tear me up was also a orp. hahah. He was probably the more dominant one to begin with. He got a new home with 30 hens!
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I had one BC that would attack any person he could. He was frightening!!! I finally sent him to the stew pot and kept the lower ranking rooster.
He's a good boy. He's timid around me.. probably from seeing me yell at the other rooster. I like this arrangement fine. I go in the run and this guy gives me my space.
So far so good.
Oh I've been through several mean and nasty roos. I've had a RIR that just snapped one day and a Welsummer who was a terror from the day I got him. I now have a huge, Splash Orpington roo that is a complete dream now! He's never shown any aggression and is total doll baby. Funny how their little minds work, isn't it?!?!

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