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    I don't know why I didn't think of this. I was reading a post from a fellow BYC 'r in NH and she had a good point. You can special order whatever chicks you want in the smaller quantities at your local grain store and not even have to pay the shipping! [​IMG]

    I called my local grain/hardware store in Nottingham and they order from Murray McMurray where I had just placed my order. They told me they would get me whatever I wanted for the delivery day I wanted. I called the hatchery and cancelled my order I had placed which is really easy considering they do not charge your card until the week before they ship the chicks anyway.

    No mad rush to the PO and I get what I want, the amount I need, on the day I pick. [​IMG]
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    OR, you can do even better and just buy hatching eggs or chicks from breeders/folks in your area! In doing so you're supporting your neighbors in their and your own sustainability efforts. [​IMG]

    Not only then would you get the fewer amount of fuzzy little ones that you wanted, but they would most likely be more according to the SOP for the breed than if you ordered them from a hatchery.
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    Quote:I agree to a certain extent. I did all of my business at the local chicken swaps all last spring and summer and had an issue with cocciodis (?sp) from one seller. [​IMG] And was told by several others their stock was female and ended up with many roos I had to go back to sell months later.[​IMG] I did recoup. some money for them but the sick ones only cost me money. I do most all of my other business with local merchants and neighbors but I really want day olds that are sexed, (I know that sexing is not 100% but its closer than my local experiences) immunized, and guaranteed healthy. I am not looking for the breed standard just pets that give me breakfast.

    Happy Holidays [​IMG]
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