Don't want to get drug in to BIL divorce


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Aug 11, 2009
Bloomsdale, MO
I just need a little rant time. OK my brother in law sent out an e-mail yesterday telling everybody he is getting a divorce. I was not shocked, not surprised, he and his wife have separated before. but she is filing papers Monday. She has always been very stuck up and two faced with the rest of the family. she lives beyond her means. In order to support this my BIL works two jobs and is the national guard. he is no angel either, back in February he wanted to know if I had contact info for a former girlfriend, that I went to school with. I lied and said no. I prefer not to stir the pot. Now their are emails flying back and forth from MIL and others wanting ME to talk to her. She and BIL have specifically requested that no one from the family contact her, I have no need or desire to do so. Personally the only reason I care at all is that she will be taking my nephew to live with her mom 4 hours away. sorry just needed to rant someplace no one from the family will find it.
There is no reason at all for you to get involved as long as only the 'adults' are being affected (if the kid was in a bad spot then I would speak up to try and help). You do not need to get muddy in their mess, stand your ground on your own and wait for the storm to pass. Obviously you cant help but be splashed a little by it, but dont go drown. Remember take care of yourself and those closest to you first and let them figure things out for themselves.
Dont get involved..
you'll only end up looking like the bad guy... and its not even your marriage.
Sorry about your situation. Just a note though, there is no guarantee that they can't find it on here as this is a public site for anyone to Google and find.

true, but the odds of them going on a chicken site are pretty slim. thanks everybody
Family drama is no fun, no fun at all.

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