Don't want to lose our baby.


6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
Viroqua, Wisconsin
I am hatching emu eggs for my first time. We have one five day old and two eggs in the hatcher (both have pecked their holes for breathing). The second egg that should be hatching is overdue, dry looking, and it looks like it's feet are right next to its beak! That isn't how the first emu was positioned... Also the third egg is now surpassing egg number two. I know some eggs take longer than others but I'm starting to think this one is positioned very badly inside it's shell. I believe it may be crosswise. What should I do? It has been four days since it pipped and isn't making noise but opens and closes its mouth often. The other egg pipped today and has more progress, looks healthier, and makes noise.
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It died... I did end up opening the egg a little more to see what was going on. It turned out to be severely deformed. We are up to three healthy babies now tho and five more left to hatch.
Sorry for the little one. But I'm happy you've got some healthy ones and more to come!

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