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Apr 12, 2014
I am in the process of building a coop for my 6 chicks. I believe they are RIR ans white leghorns. What size should the "doorway" be at the top of the ramp where they enter the hen house?? Dont want to make it too small.



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We lucked out and found a locking doggie door at our local Habitat for Humanity store. Not sure the dimensions since hubby did the installation, but it's for a medium sized dog and it's working great. Our run had to be offset from the original design because of an unexpected obstacle. We don't have to go into the run or the coop to open the pop door - the run ends just a couple of inches before the door. The chicken tunnel is covered with chicken wire (they wouldn't go into it covered with wood) and hardware cloth. There is also hardware cloth in the tiny gap between the door and the run.
We have since added a hook and eye lock to secure the pop door when it's open - before that we had to take it completely out, as shown above. There's a little knob on the top of the pop door which locks into a channel when the chickens are in for the night, and it's impossible to open unless you grab that little knob, twist and pull it toward you at the same time. Now, this does mean that it's impossible to install an automatic door opener on a timer, but for us that's no big deal. We are both early risers and don't mind going out to let them in or out at all.

Ken working on the chicken tunnel. That flap of chicken wire is folded over the tunnel, covered with hardware cloth, and the entire thing secured with trim and screws. In this shot you can see that tiny knob at the top of the doggie door. Hardware cloth now also covers the entire perimeter of the coop and the run, as well as the people door into the run. It's an "on a budget" build, but the chickens are doing well and we are pretty proud of it. We live in town, and the coop and run can be seen from the street, so we didn't want to put up an eyesore.
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