Double Decker Run, thoughts?


Feb 6, 2008
Southeast MI
If I wanted to maximize usable space in a run is there anything that would stop me from making an approximately 4'x5' section of my run double decker. Each section would be three feet tall. I could either use harward cloth or osb for the floor. What do you all think?
They will most likely stay on the ground where the bugs are, but if it was muddy, you could close off the bottom and keep them clean. They will poop on each other. Have fun cleaning! just some point to think about, but if space is limited, i think it could work.
You could use the space for feeding them - otherwise, I don't think they would go up there on their own.

At least if you fed them up there, feed that dropped down would be picked up by those on the ground level...

just my opinion though...

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