Double eggin' it


10 Years
Nov 14, 2009
I have two Golden 300s and two Welsh Harlequin girls in my little flock, and I'm getting five eggs per day. I don't know who it is, but she's a dummy and lays eggs at random all over the yard. I've had to mesh in the top of my duck pen to keep the crows from eating all of my eggs because of her, but I digress. I've never had this happen so regularly before, even with Khaki Campbells. I was originally convinced it was one of the harli girls, but now I'm thinking it must be one of the Goldens. She got her egg belly long before I started finding eggs in the henhouse from the others, and I'm guessing the crows got free brekkies for well over a month before I caught on to what was happening. To the crows: all good things come to an end! I hope you guys enjoyed the easy food for your hatchlings! *raspberries*

Who else has ducks that lay more than once per day?
Could you possibly have a female visitor that lays and egg and then leaves??? Just a thought...... ok, it was my husbands though....... lol.
I doubt it! I live on five acres surrounded by other 5-10 acre plots, and all of my neighbors have chickens. The egg is definitely a duck egg, and I doubt a wild duck would be dumb enough to leave one lying around in the mud around the pool every morning. LOL

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