Double Ovulation?

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    Mar 30, 2011
    I am wondering how many of you have ever gotten a wrinkled egg from a young hen just at point of lay who had a double ovulation that day, without it being Infectious Bronchitis causing the wrinkled egg?

    Also, if you have had this happen, was it ever with a white leghorn hen?

    Thanks in advance. I'm looking for reassurance that wrinkled eggs don't necessarily mean Infectious Bronchitis? My girl doesn't seem to have any symptoms of Infectious Bronchitis, other than laying a wrinkled egg today, following a soft-shelled egg, and the white of the wrinkled egg was part watery. Watery egg white in a wrinkled egg is a sign of Infectious Bronchitis. Her eyes look good, and she seems to have good energy. She really snarfed greens up out of my hands a bit ago. She might not be eating as much commercial food as in the past. I wonder about a dietary imbalance, too.

    But is there anything besides infectious bronchitis that would make an egg white half watery? Half of the white was normal texture, but half of it did seem watery. Maybe that is normal?

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