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    Okay, so our local TSC is getting its first chicks in on April 6. I have my own bantam peeps coming from Meyer on April 7 or 8, but the kids really want a couple of silkies so I thought we'd go to TSC and see if we can get a couple from their mixed bantam bin. The problem is, TSC has a 6-chick minimum purchase, and no way can I bring home more than 3, with 17 due to arrive the next day, or DH will have a heart attack. I'm thinking I'll show up around 7:45 (they open at 8) and wait around until someone else starts picking out chicks and ask them to buy my 3, then give them cash for them afterward. Has anyone else tried this? I thought about posting on Craigslist to see if anyone wanted to split a purchase with me, but fact is the "Urban Chicken" movement is REALLY booming here at the moment and I'm afraid if I spread the word about TSC's chick arrival date I'll be competing with people camping out overnight to get their chicks! The only problem with relying on the kindness of strangers is the fact that I'll have all 4 kids (6 yrs, & under) with me, which could be pretty challenging if we have to wait around long -- but maybe if I can get the kids to make big sad eyes someone will take pity on us...[​IMG]

    Anyone else ever try this?
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    A Co-worker bought 8 pullet chicks from TSC last year except that they all turned out to be Roo's. He can't have Roo's where he lives so he had to give them all away. Buyer beware.

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