Double Yolk Egg

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  1. Billy C

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    Aug 26, 2013
    Rural BC Canada
    I should have taken a picture of it. Today I cracked a large egg from my flock and was not surprised to find a double yolker. They are new layers and double yolks are common. What was not common was one yolk was nice and yellow and looked totally normal and healthy, the second yolk was really pale, completely round and hard but had a normal white around it. When I say hard I mean it would not break, it was like the centre of a golf ball.

    Anyone else experienced this or know what this is?
  2. IceAngel

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    May 2, 2013
    Since this post has been around a while, I guess nobody has a good answer for you. You had mentioned that these were new I wonder as their egg-laying organs got operational, perhaps a yolk started along its way....and then for some reason the process didn't complete itself. Because new layers don't lay every day, the partially formed egg just sat in the reproductive chamber and mummified until another yolk came along and they both got encased by the same shell.
    The reproductive system of all animals is under hormone seems for some reason it stopped in that chicken and the one yolk got mummified.....luckily it got expelled or you could have had a problem.

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